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Jan. 18, 2013

If you give a pig a party

 His friends will come.  That’s the birthday boy in the middle, his name is Ryan, and he is turning 24.

 Your sister will bake you cookies.  That you can help Ryan eat.

 Your other sisters will get Ryan presents:

A handful of change, and a cool knitted hat.

We don’t usually make a habit of having birthday parties for stuffed animals, but a couple of days ago Dominic told me that Ryan was having a birthday Friday, and asked if he could make a party.  Why not?  It kept the little ones busy for quite some time, and made them very happy. 


Comments (4)

  1. This is so sweet of them! And that cookie photo is perfect. Now if I could just pick it up off the screen, I’d be all set. ;-)

  2. I have really sweet childhood memories of things like that :).

  3. Who names a pig Ryan???

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