How you know you’re not on vacation anymore

It’s been a week since my trip of a lifetime.  Hard to believe.  It all started about 10:00 p.m. on the night I was flying back.  I texted my unnamed daughter just to make sure that she had rescheduled the three kids’ dentist appointments I had for the next morning.  Because, well, I had only asked her three different times to please do it, and reminded her.  The dentist is about forty-five minutes from my house – in the same general area my girlfriend’s house is, where my car was.  Guess what?  She forgot.  Then about midnight, as I’m landing at the airport in Hartford – which at that time of night is d.e.a.d.  she texts me and asks me to pick up some coffee.  Are you kidding me?  Long story short – I got home at 2:30 a.m. and left for the dentist at 8:00 a.m. – without coffee.

Then I went to work.  Where I pretty much stayed until Sunday night.  Yes, I went to Mass.  In that time frame, however, I went for a physical – I need one for the Nursing Program (God willing) and I was having issues with ear and nose stuffiness.  It turns out my left ear was completely blocked.  I was told to put drops in and flush it out.  And if that didn’t work – do it again.  After three shots, I couldn’t hear a thing and was totally feeling lopsided because my entire left head was shut.  A guy came into work and asked for a bag of ice and I just looked at him stupidly until he got annoyed, because I thought he said, “Hi, guys!”  Not “Bag of ice.”  Maybe if he said “Please” I could have distinguished the two.  Geez.

By Sunday morning I couldn’t take it anymore so I had my daughter cover for me for a couple hours and went to the ER.  Where thanks to a friend who works there, I got seen right away.  However, they put yet more drops in my ear, and flushed it with about eighty gallons of water – I kid you not – and -NOTHING!  So, I had to go back to work, and the school the next day, mostly deaf.

I did get a referral to an ENT, who I saw yesterday morning, and who fixed my ear without drops, with one quick flush.  BUT, he also looked into my nose.  It appears I need surgery soon, because my left blockage isn’t sinus related, as I thought all of these years that I have been Afrin addicted – it is due to a very bad deviated septum (which I had operated on when I was 20, apparently by a moron – new ENT agrees).  So, if I ever want to breathe out the left side again, surgery is in my near future.  I am told if I go in on a Thursday, I could be back at school by Monday.  And hopefully if it’s soon, it will not interfere on a Sunday with Easter, Confirmation, the baby shower, or work.  Waiting on the scheduling call.

Then, just to make things fun, the side of the house with the broken oil tank gauge ran out again.  So. much. oil. this. winter. And today it’s like 17 degrees.  Only the oil man came and put the oil in the wrong side.  I was at work.  My son ran out while the guy was pumping and told him to stop.  The guy was like, “Too late, kid.”  An older son called and complained and the oil company said it was our fault – which it most certainly was not – as I heard him say the correct side when ordering.  Not using that company anymore!  So then I had to still get oil for the cold side.  $800 in two days.  At the end of the month, when the cupboard is bare, and the food card gone.  Then, to make matters worse, I completely fell off the wagon last night and ate this for dinner at school:

fritos mm

It is so not like me to eat Red 40 and Yellow 5 and corn oil.  Ugh.

And I’m starting to shift into panic mode because denial letters go out on the 31st and then it could be two more weeks until the acceptance emails.  Then it could be either fall or spring.  And if it’s spring I’ll die.

So, yeah, very thankful for the four days of blissful reprieve, but I’m back in my real world, and it’s definitely Lent.


  1. My 13yo son was born with a similar problem. We thought it was food allergies but our orthodontist (of all doctors to find it) found enlarged nodules on both sides by x-ray. He said he will need surgery eventually. Poor kid has never been able to breath well from his nose. Welcome back!
    P.S. Do you think you could I-Dream-Of-Jeannie-BLINK that junk food my way? Of course, kidding. Mostly.

  2. S.

    This is TOTALLY unrelated, but I saw an awesome movie last night that I wanted to share with you! It’s called “The Jewish Cardinal” and it’s about Jean-Marie Aaron Cardinal Lustiger who was a Polish Jew before converting to Catholicism. Around WWI his family left Poland due to the anti-semitism and moved ot Paris where they had a dress making business. When the Nazis invaded France Cardinal Lustiger was sent to live with a Catholic woman in Orleans. There he learned about the faith and at 13 or 14 he freely chose to convert to Catholicism, eventually becomming a priest. All the while, depite severe anger and rejection from other Jews (who viewed him as a traitor) he held onto his Jewish identity saying that he is a Catholic but also a Jew just like Jesus and the Apostles. Eventually this Priest, who thinks he is flying under the radar and actually wants to move to Jerulselum to finish out his ministry is made Bishop, then Arch Bishop and eventually Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. It’s really ana amzing story that I think you and family will enjoy based on you(or their) love of Paris and Poland. Personally, I have strong connections with Jewish culture and Judiasm as well as Poland and the Church and that is what caught my attention. It’s really an amazing story! I don’t know what else to say! It comes out on DVD in May and I intend on purchasing it. If you are interested Ill gladly let you borrow it once I watch it a few times. :-)

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