Can’t wait

Everything necessary for the Nursing Program application has to be in by November 1.  Then sometime mid-April the decision committee will let you know.  That is almost 6 months of waiting!  I don’t do well with waiting.  The denial letters went out March 31.  Did not get one of those, thanks be to God.  However, the stress of it all doesn’t end there, oh no.  There is a fall date and a spring date.  So if one IS in, one could get the required first aid, titers, physical, books and uniforms, and have a nice relaxing summer (not that working two jobs is relaxing) waiting for the first day of class late August.

Or one can waste away while one’s brain atrophies because one has nothing else at all to take and start late January.

I am told that there is no rhyme or reason which start date you get.  Once, it was based on rank, now it’s 50/50.  That is so all of the lottery kids don’t get put in Spring and make the class average lower.  That is just not fair.

The stress of it all is killing me.

I wake up every morning and log on and check.  I need to be first in line to be on the waitlist for fall when I am given spring, because some people do switch.  Yes, I am expecting this.  What in my life has ever gone easy?

Meanwhile, I have been busting my butt and my brain and not been here.  Sorry.  I know some of you like to keep in touch :)  Two science classes with labs is a full time job.  And I have a job, which is getting busier, and I picked up a summer job, on top.  Of course that is after my classes end.  All of my studying has been paying off (hopefully it will where it really matters).  I actually got a 95 on my last Microbiology test.  The class average was 75.  My two girls who have been with me all semesters also got A’s.  Our Anatomy teacher calls us the “Awesome Trio” and she offered all three of us teaching assistant jobs in lab this summer.  It pays slightly less than the store where I work now, but will definitely look great on a resume.  As will getting inducted into the National Honor Society – all three of us got that invitation, too.

So school is going well, although it takes a lot out of me.  And there is a wedding coming up to look forward to in 3 weeks, and before that two birthdays and a Confirmation to celebrate.  Oh, and Easter.  I have been sorely slacking in the liturgical department.  Does stressing and worrying and freaking out about the Nursing decision count for my Lent?

If you can all find a minute, please pray for fall – for one thing to go smoothly in my life.  And pray that I survive the wait.


  1. Joy

    I am so proud of you and all of your hard work. You are truly a class act and a great mother. I will be praying for you and a fall start date.

  2. S.

    I love all of the possitive excitment of this post! Yes, the wait is long and difficult but yet, as I read this, I feel like you wrote it with a smile on your face. :-) I hope you did! I will definitely be praying that you get in the fall program! Congrats on all of your amazing achedemic accolades! You deserve it!

  3. Jenn

    Following the path that God sends you on, in your case this nursing program, is all part of the Almsgiving that Lent calls us to do .. so study up, get those marks that you know you can, and pray the whole time doing it. Lent isn’t always about “giving something up”, it’s about lifting it all up to Christ, like he did for us on the Cross.

    You are in my prayers always!!

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